Welcome to GemiKids! Our orthopedic shoes will take great care of your child’s feet.

GemiKids shoes are the best orthopedic footwear which takes great care in proper development of your baby's feet. In our store we offer the highest quality of orthopedic handmade shoes for girls and boys, all made of natural materials that are friendly to delicate skin of your child. Our unique monitoring system with diagnostic function located in each sole distinguishes our kid’s orthopedic shoes from competition. We offer Memo shoes, valued brand which has been offering orthopedic shoes for kids for many years and taking great care of your kid’s feet. Memo shoes are created using top line technologies and technics developed under strict direction of orthopedic specialists. All orthopedic shoes for children have a unique design that works to prevent and treat a variety of posture issues.
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GemiKids, Friendly shoes for kids

Are you looking for perfect shoes for your kids? GemiKids offers orthopedic shoes for kids made from the finest materials. Outside and inside of each shoe is created of natural soft goatskin. Memo shoes adapt perfectly to your child's feet guaranteeing superior comfort. Memo orthopedic shoes for boys and girls are made of hygroscopic materials that invite airflow in, allowing body heat to get out and making the shoe breath and your baby's feet not sweat! Special construction of Memo footwear protects feet from abnormalities and ensures correct body position. Orthopedic shoes for children available in our store will correct feet defects such as flat feet, clubfoot hallux, and valgus. Memo footwear is recommended by well-known specialists! Memo system received a special reward in Health Prophylaxis category during the XIII Rehabilitation Devices Fair. Memo system is registered in The Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products as a medical product. Memo System received a positive opinion issued by Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw.